At EP², we realized long ago that our top priority is controlling the processes that determine the quality of our product. From our company president to our most recently hired worker, quality is the responsibility of every employee.


Starting at the top, upper level management at EP² defines and documents the policy and objectives for - and commitment to - quality in our products. Our company officers ensure that QA policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization. Because they are confident that every EP² employee is dedicated to manufacturing quality products, our officers have delegated specific responsibility and authority to implement the company's quality assurance program to certain individuals.


Because QA is the basis of EP²'s business philosophy, we employ a full time Quality Assurance Manager. Inspecting each product at five designated points in the manufacturing process, the Quality Assurance Manager has the authority to accept or reject product advancement to each phase of production. Our products are inspected following steel assembly prior to painting; after painting prior to individual component mounting; after individual component mounting prior to wiring; after wiring prior to testing; and again one final time before shipment to our customers.


Each individual project is assigned a Project Manager / Project Specialist. That person will be the single point of contact for the customer. The Project Manager / Project Specialist has the responsibility and authority to ensure that the final product is in full accordance with the EP² Quality Assurance Manual. The manual outlines in detail the responsibilities for contract administration; document control; material procurement; material receiving and inspection; in-process quality inspections; final inspection and testing; and finally packaging and shipping.

EP² Raises Quality Assurance to a Higher Power


Quality Wiring
Posted by EP² in EP² Blog on 7/3/2013
Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that EP2 panels are built and wired to meet and exceed the systematic guidelines of our rigorous Quality Assurance Process.


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